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Folk of ‘Noke; Chamberlain Zulauf

by Chamberlain Zulauf

Editor’s note: In this past year and a half as section editor, I feel like I’ve gotten to know this school and its people so much better, which has been a gratifying process for me. Every one of my interviews has been based around the same few questions and the most enduring thing I found was that Folk’s always had the hardest time coming up with a best memory. Plus, Folk’s almost always preface their best memory with saying it’s ‘cheesy’.

Thankfully I can choose more than one best memory—one here and a few below— because I still have editing power for one more issue! If I can be ‘cheesy’, writing and editing for page three has been one of the greatest highlights of my life! I was honored to be offered the position, taking over for Zach Dalton ’21 and am excited to hand the reins off to Juniper Rogers ‘26!  

Major/minor and where from?

I’m a creative writing and business double major, from Vienna VA— NOVA.  

What are your holiday plans?

I’ll be home mostly, hanging out with the fam and friends. I’ll be thankful to have them around because I’ll feel lonely after I graduate in December! One thing we do with some extended family near Woodstock is cook a bunch of Swedish Christmas food. The food is really good but it’s definitely an acquired taste you have to grow up with… it’s a lot of salt and starches… and fish. Of course I’m a big fan of the meatballs. We have a secret family recipe for those. Another thing I really like is called limpa bread; it’s like rye bread’s older, crunchier brother. It’s good, you put special salted butter on it too.

Also, on New Year’s Day I’m also going to Steelers at Ravens with a brother of mine, Zach. It’ll be brick outside but Big Truss! We’re sitting near the tunnel so I’m bringing my Washington DeSean Jackson jersey to try and get it signed. It’ll be exciting to see him in a stadium with some fan’s in it.  

What are you involved with on campus?

Readers know I’ve been this page’s section editor since the beginning of last year. I started as a sports reporter my sophomore year moving on to opinion the following year. I still write for opinion and have also worked on the Roanoke Review, our lit mag.

Other than that, I’m a Pi Lambda Phi brother (a good answer for my best memory: being inducted). I also ran for the XC/T&F team for 9 seasons.

What is some advice you’d give to fellow maroons?

I’m a big fan of The Office and in one of the last scenes of the show Andy says, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them”.

That quote has always stuck with me. I feel lucky I heard it way back in 2013 so I could have it in mind for my future to come. So, my advice is to savor every moment you spend here! Even the moments when you’re just doing homework in the library or sitting in your dorm not doing much. 

Best Memory?

There really are so many to choose from. I wish I could make a top 10 list. There have been some classes I’ve enjoyed especially, like my seminar for creative writing— my end-of-the-year reading and subsequent party for that class also is a core memory of mine. There was the time the XC flew to Memphis or the time me and a teammate had drinks in Atlanta the night of our last track meet. Staying in Maxey Hall this past summer was a vibe too, plus I’ll never forget getting my senior year photos taken by the incomparable Ryan Hunt.

A recent memory which I’ll always remember as a big ‘full circle’ moment was winning a medal at the ODAC cross country championship meet this past season, at Shenandoah university. My freshman year I won a medal on the same intensely hilly course. So, coming back and finishing my college racing career the same way I finished it meant a lot to me. 

The funny thing about my second ODAC medal at the Shannandoah course was that I had to kick in the end to edge out two other runners. My whole career my achilles heel has been my end-of-the-race-kick and in my last championship meet I had an all-timer last sprint in which I medaled by a tenth of a second. 

What’s your dream job?

I think it’d be really cool to continue Journalism after I graduate. I’ve been a student journalist since high school and have written stuff for other publications too. One of my favorite things I got to work on was a column for the Salem Times-Register about my mileage training this past summer. Maybe one day I’ll write a novel too!  

How have I changed since freshman year?

I’ve always wanted to have a conversation with my past self. I feel like we’d get along! 

I’d say I came out of my shell when I got to college and since then I’ve grown a lot. There are many things I’ve done/accomplished which I never saw myself doing. Things like joining a fraternity or, to be honest, being a section editor! 

Being able to interview both President Maxey and Shushok was definitely something I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do and would qualify as another best memory. I’m lucky to have been the section editor when I was. 

One thing I really understand now, as a senior and some change, is the horrible feeling of having to leave such a great place as Roanoke!

Any shout outs?

Shoutout Team No Sleep, The Dumpster Boys, & Keeping It 300!

Shoutout My Little Taylor Poole!

Shoutout Iguana OG, Nate S., Doing it for Rooney, & new Cav!