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Cooking Up Christmas

by Mateo Biggs

Not to be confused with the 2020 film– however in the spirit of Christmas that merry romcom may be. No, as many students here on campus are familiar with, around these holidays times are times where the kitchen has become an open warzone. Friends and family fight for counter space and there is a general chaos in the art of attempting to cook when others crowd around you with their own opinions on how a yule cake should be baked.

Instead, for the many people who crave not the violence of the kitchen and its inhabitants but instead the serenity of peace away from the battlegrounds– or those who burn everything they touch yet still want to believe in holiday spirit with food, here is where you can find it!

Everyone knows “Chopped”, hosted by Ted Allen and holding a rather large following, and everyone knows that many other shows like it share that unique Christmas feel. For this show, season 3; episode 6 makes it onto the screen rant top Christmas “Chopped” episodes, followed by season 8; episode 9 and season 24; episode 13, perfect episodes for those who want to see the all or nothing competition as participants try to make something from the basket of ingredients prepared for them. 

If you’d prefer a sweet treat instead of the cunning flames of ingenuity, then “The Great British Bake Off” is for you. Although it is no less intense in terms of a competition compared to “Chopped” there is something softer about watching people attempt to bake Christmas goodies for the judges– and it definitely gives ideas to those who’d love to follow the talent on screen in their own kitchen. Especially with their Christmas episodes “The Great Christmas Bake Off”, a special held every year since the show began back in 2010, ideas and inspiration can be found as you watch the participants race against the clock to make the best dishes they can following Christmas themes. 

And last, but not least on this holiday cook off list, is “Holiday Wars” a competition show all about the winter holidays themselves. Perhaps it is just as intense, however, with challenges all about baking the best presented dessert for the judges– paying heavy attention to aesthetics for the judges along with taste. 

Regardless how you find your holidays, all of us from the Brackety-Ack hope its a sweet one!