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Thanksgiving – A Picky Eater’s Nightmare


by Marisa Seager

While I’m excited for another break from classes, I’m not so excited about the reason behind this upcoming break – Thanksgiving. 

As much as I love seeing my family and having a short break from my classes, I can’t thoroughly enjoy it knowing I’ll be filled with feelings of discomfort. For me it’s the same feeling every single year.

“Marisa, do you want some —?” No, thank you. You know that I won’t eat any of that. My family still asks me to eat certain things on Thanksgiving, even knowing what the answer will be. It’s like they think that my tastes will magically change. 

At this point I’m convinced that I just might be the pickiest person alive. Name a traditional holiday dish or popular food item and I can almost guarantee that I will not eat it. Don’t even think about passing the casserole to me. 

Now I will say that I have gotten a lot better about my picky eating over the years, but still, I am far from my goal of being generally not so picky. Until then, Thanksgiving might always be a nightmare for me. 

Come November 24th, I will be eating yet another mostly bare plate alongside my family members and wishing for the meal to come to an end. Or who knows, maybe I will surprise my family by at least trying something new. Hmm… we’ll just see how I’m feeling that day. Hopefully my family won’t read this and get any bright ideas.