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Fight Like a Girl!


by Anna Tillman

On Tuesday, 10/4 Campus Safety and Res Life hosted a female-only self-defense workshop! The class was taught by Lieutenant April McCadden and Rachael Clark (Associate Director of Residence Life and Housing). Walking into the classroom, I was immediately aware of how welcoming the atmosphere was. The vibes of the group were amazing! I did not know what to expect from this introductory course. However, throughout the session I kept thinking about how happy I was that I went. It was incredible to see how the dynamic of the group changed throughout the course! All of us built a lot of confidence in ourselves within the first 30 minutes with the help of Rachael and April. Rachael and April taught us a couple of simple moves that are essential skills for self-defense. Even just learning a couple of moves made us all feel so much more confident in our ability to defend ourselves. The group was extremely encouraging and supportive. Learning new skills can be uncomfortable or awkward; however, Rachael and April made such a safe and comfortable environment for us to learn in!

In February, Rachael and April will be teaching a 9-hour RAD Self Defense class over a weekend along with other campo officers. The class is offered on campus and it’s free. Most importantly, it’s girls only! The course is specifically designed to teach women how to defend themselves. Considering the confidence we all felt after an hour introductory course, I can only imagine how empowered women feel after the 9-hour training! Advertising for this will begin in January. Be sure to lookout and sign up because the program is incredible and the skills you will learn are unforgettable!