Home Opinion Are Queen Memes in Bad Taste?

Are Queen Memes in Bad Taste?

by Chamberlain Zulauf 

Yes, absolutely— but hear me out. 

Of course, I first want to make the statement that the Queen’s death is worthy of our solidarity as Americans. Elizabeth II was history embodied and will be remembered as a legend. The official ten-day mourning process which took place in England speaks to her significance. 

Goodness gracious though, the memes flowed on social media instantly. It’s like these Instagram accounts were just sitting on pre-made memes, just waiting for the day they could finally be posted.

Personally, I’d say that is morally questionable; but I’m positive that they’re laughing at the same memes over in England and across the world. And didn’t you laugh at some yourself? Queen memes are crass and offensive for sure, but that’s what makes them funny.   

That’s what memes are for! We make and share them to process things from daily life to significant events because laughter is the best medicine. Thankfully, Queen memes didn’t stick around for too long. Across the pond we Americans were over the whole thing once football came on later that day. 

Another thing which gave Queen memes a short shelf life is that there were only so many jokes which could be made. The Internet is a ruthless place and I’m glad that we were able to move on from the memes after a day or two. We had our time to vent and have a laugh and now it’s time to return to our daily lives.