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The Return of Cavern

by Marisa Seager

By now we’ve all heard the news – Cavern is back! But was it worth the wait?

As happy as I am to have this food option back on campus, I am not so sure if it was worth how long we had to go without it. One would think that after being closed for so long, there might be more exciting changes than what we can see. Yes, this popular eating spot has had quite the makeover, but that’s pretty much it besides a new system of ordering and the addition of subs. 

As renovations started, there were signs posted outside Cav with images of what we could expect to see upon reopening. Except my eyes weren’t drawn to the physical changes but to the menu that was pictured. I remember seeing menu items far different from what had been served previously. 

Of course, the menu is pretty much the same. I guess I got my hopes up but at least I know I’m not the only one after speaking to a fellow classmate about it. I just wish that a different menu either wasn’t pictured or that I didn’t notice it to begin with. 

What others are more upset about is that sushi has not made a return, or at least not yet. I might not be the one eating it, but I sure remember the popularity of it before closing. 

Long story short, I am happy that I have another eating option again, but I just wish that there were different changes or at least less of a wait than what we endured.