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The Brackety-Yik Yak


by Kristi Rolf

What’s Roanoke students’ favorite way to voice their opinions and update each other on campus news? For over a century it’s been the Brackety-Ack, but last year our beloved newspaper started facing competition when a new forum for students arose. 

A social media app called Yik Yak relaunched last year and Roanoke students quickly adopted it. The app is a location-based social media platform on which users share text-based posts with other users in the vicinity. It’s also anonymous, meaning you have no idea who is saying what. 

Yik Yak’s anonymity results in plenty of hot takes since the poster’s identity can’t be tracked down. (But don’t worry, posts can be removed for violating the platform’s guidelines so things don’t get out of hand.) Since Roanoke students dominate the “herd” of Yik Yak users in Salem, there are tons of Yaks only Maroons would understand. 

Without any further ado, here is a compilation of my favorite Yaks from the first weeks of the semester.

On the first day of classes, someone was feeling sentimental about an experience every RC student has had at one point… getting lost in Olin Hall. “Reminiscing on the fact that I dropped ceramics last year for the sole purpose of I couldn’t find the classroom.”

Everyone loves our new campus cat, and one person couldn’t help but proclaim their love for our feline Maroon on Yik Yak, “Salem is my only source of happiness right now.”

This Yakker summed up what I think every time I wear a new outfit to class, “Hope someone sees me and thinks I’m quirky today.”

On Monday, commons served a Roanoke staple for lunch which inspired this genius joke: “You’re telling me a general made this chicken?” The cherry on top was this reply from someone who’s location was tagged Hollins University: “I’d say tso.”

Last but certainly not least, this budding philosopher shared the dilemma faced by those of us who listen to the news a little too often. “Choosing whether to be upset about micro-plastics in my blood or happy about the indomitable human spirit.”

Come back to page five in the next issue for another installment of the Brackety-Yik Yak!