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Planning Summer After Finals

Recife, Brazil, Boa Viagem Beach. Esperanto: VW-furgono plena je kolapsitaj seĝoj antaŭ palmoj en ĉestranda vojo.. Original image from Wikimedia Commons

by Chamberlain Zulauf

Is it too early to be looking forward to summer? Maroons have a few more weeks of school left (three as of this Friday), including finals and the numerous papers, presentations and projects that will be due in the meantime. Exams end May 3rd and graduation is the following Saturday. Afterwards, every student has to ask themselves two important questions. First, to stay in Salem or not?

There are out of state students who fall in love with the Salem area and actively look for reasons to stick around. After all, the Roanoke Valley is a relaxing and laid-back area- it’s a shame that a lot of students on campus only ever experience Salem in the winter and spring. Of course, there are also locals who can’t get far enough away.

Some students simply value going home and seeing their family either way. Every student is different. Underclassmen generally are liable to go home for the summers while rising juniors and freshly graduated seniors can typically find their niche here.  

The second question every student asks themselves this time of year is “what am I going to do this summer?” There are a few answers to this. For underclassmen it’s one of the last opportunities to have a real summer with no pressure to be ‘doing something.’ Lots of students work over the summer either employed or as an intern.

The coveted Roanoke area internship is sought after for rising juniors and more so is the elusive job for recent graduates. If one is lucky enough, they may be able to follow a job away from Salem to a new and exciting area. Hopefully, at least, everyone has plans to travel somewhere or to do something awesome in the summer months.