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“Stranger Things” Happenings

by Anna Tillman

I don’t think it is possible for anyone to not know what the hit Netflix series Stranger Things is. With that being said, it truly needs no introduction. Jumping right into it, the trailer for season 4 was just released. I have only one word for it: chaotic. If you have not watched it yet, it is something that needs to be experienced. The trailer made me even more confused about what is to come for this new season. So many unknowns were revealed throughout the trailer. Where is Hopper? Does Eleven seriously not have her powers anymore? Who is the new villain being faced in this season? It is all so confusing yet so exciting! 

Of course, fans have already made their theories about what is to come this season. Some of them are more outrageous than others. One of which, being Hopper is actually dead or traveled back in time. Judging from the trailer he seems to be in some sort of prison. It should be very interesting to see how his plotline develops throughout season 4. Another theory is that Eleven will use the help of Dr. Brenner to get her powers back. It is clear through the trailer that it is imperative that El gets her powers back to fight off the new villain. However, the idea that she might be desperate enough to go to Dr. Brenner for help indicates that this new evil entity is not one to mess with. Unfortunately, fans are speculating the Eleven may or may not die this season. Although it is very upsetting to think of a beloved character dying, it makes sense. She may be put in a spot where she needs to sacrifice herself for her loved ones. She opened the gate and started this journey and she may close the gate resulting in her death. 

The trailer left so many questions unanswered. It can be interpreted in so many ways. However, we can all agree that season 4 is highly anticipated! Much like the last 3 seasons, the new one looks like one worth binging!