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I’m Sad to See People Leave

by Rebecca Dance

This is my first real semester being friends with people who are graduating, and it’s worse than I thought it would be. 

I could feel the dread in the air when finals began looming over the horizon. For a moment, that was all I thought about the end of April: we were going to take finals and we were going to go home and then I would come back and see all of my senior friends again in the fall. I definitely failed to realize (even after the 50 Days celebration) that this image I had for the fall was incorrect. It wasn’t until this last weekend when seniors started posting on social media about the last time they would do something that it really sank in. My friends are leaving. 

I’m really sad about it! It will be really weird next year when I think about something I want to talk to them about and then I realize that I can’t just march into their rooms. It’ll be weird not seeing them around campus and waving while we walk to class. I’ve had the class of 2022 to guide me through college since I first got here, and now they’re going off into the world. 

As sad as I am about my friends going forward with their lives, I know that they’re going to do wonderful things. I am so excited to watch them on their journey to being real adults. Class of 2022, I wish you all the best of luck.