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Decades of Dedication from Retiring Faculty


 by Alexis Barton

With a combined 75+ years of service to the College, three distinguished faculty are joining the Class of 2022 as quasi-graduates. Dr. Darwin Jorgenson, Dr. John Selby, and Dr. Anita Turpin have dedicated their careers to sharing their passions with new generations of scholars, and now it is time for much deserved rest and leisure in their years of retirement. 

A proud Blue Devil and esteemed author, Dr. John Selby has served as a professor in Roanoke’s History Department since 1986. His specialty lies in American history, with some of his favorite courses revolving around the Vietnam War and the Civil War. When asked about what he will miss most about Roanoke, he said, “the students”. His dedication to his students and advisees has been evident throughout his career, which earned him the Roanoke College Leadership Award for Outstanding Advisor. Some of Selby’s greatest accomplishments during his tenure also include serving as the director of the Henry H. Fowler Lecture Series from 1987-1992 and publishing three books. In his retirement, Dr. Selby looks forward to traveling. As his final message to Roanoke, he says, “keep striving to be the best you can”.

Kentucky native Dr. Anita Turpin has served as a stronghold of Roanoke’s English and Communication Studies Department since 1989. Roanoke was her first full-time teaching position, and she fell in love with the community soon after her arrival. Dr. Turpin has taught over 30 different courses during her time at Roanoke, including Communication Theory, Ethics in Communication, as well as several INQ 300 and May Term courses. Her Appalachian roots have served as an academic inspiration both for herself and her students, as her current research delves into social justice theatre across Appalachia. In her retirement, Dr. T looks forward to learning how to make a “Tick-Tock”. In her final message to RC, Dr. Turpin shares, “It has been a glorious ride. I will keep that flame burning in my heart”. 

These professors are beloved by fellow faculty, students, alumni, and the staff alike. We wish them the very best as they venture into this new era of their lives