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That’s All Folks!!


by Charissa Roberson

Let me just start by saying, writing this article is weird. How has it been four years?

I began writing for the BA, on the Entertainment page, my very first semester at Roanoke College. I still remember the first article I turned in – “Music: Oldies But Goodies?” – and how anxious I was to do it right. I needn’t have worried. From the start, the BA welcomed me with open arms. 

Being an Entertainment reporter was a joy I hadn’t fully anticipated. I loved attending concerts or plays with my notebook and pen in hand. I remember getting a quote from President Maxey after the Kandinsky Trio performance during my freshman year. I remember going backstage for Theatre RC rehearsals and conducting interviews with the cast and crew (while enjoying sneak peeks of the upcoming shows). Perhaps my favorite moment of all was just this year, when the Taubman Museum invited us to preview the Ruth E. Carter exhibit before it opened to the public. 

Beyond local Entertainment news, I also found an outlet for my nerdy ramblings. During my time with the BA, I got to write about “Daredevil,” “Dune,” “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” Studio Ghibli and more. One of the articles I was most privileged to write was a eulogy to Chadwick Boseman, who passed away during my junior year.

Throughout my four years at RC, the BA has always been so supportive. During my semester abroad, they found a way for me to continue writing for the Entertainment page, while also giving me a column to document my time in Northern Ireland (“Derry Girl for a Semester”). My first semester as Entertainment editor – taking over from the amazing Jessica Shelbourne – I wasn’t even on campus. Kaelyn Spickler, then EIC, laid out my page for those first months. At every turn, the BA has always had my back.

I’ve barely even touched on my wonderful experience as editor. I won’t keep you too long, but let me just say that my reporting team is incredible: so talented, communicative (yeah!!) and kind to me and to each other. Since returning to campus, I’ve loved coming into Garrett every other Thursday afternoon and visiting with my fellow editors as we lay out our pages. Every other Friday, I love picking up the freshly printed papers and sharing the articles online.

The BA has, without a doubt, been one of the best parts of my time at Roanoke College. As cliché as it is, we really are a family. Thank you for making these past four years so wonderful and for all your kindness to me! Now, as they say…that’s all folks! This is your 2020-22 Entertainment editor, signing off. (You go, Mateo!!) 

All the best,