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I Think I’m Allergic to Pollen

by Rebecca Dance

My sinuses hurt. Since I don’t have a cold and I don’t have COVID (I’ve tested, don’t worry), I’ve decided that it must be seasonal allergies. 

The only issue with this is that I’ve never had seasonal allergies before. My brother always has the worst hay fever at the beginning of spring, and both of my parents take Claritin every morning. I’ve never had any issues with the changing season and I welcome spring with open arms and a clear nose. 

It is possible that I have been struck down by the flowering trees around campus. I keep waking up stuffy and sneezing, and the only change in my environment has been the emergence of flowers. So, without another reason (I dusted my dorm room, I tested for COVID, I took a Mucinex) I am left to believe that the pollen is the culprit. 

I think the issue is that there is a lot less pollen in Massachusetts, and I’ve stepped into this Virginia wonderland of color and petals. Lurking behind this facade, however, are the apparent allergies I’ve developed. I did search this up, and you can become allergic to things at any point in your life. A big factor in developing allergies is a dramatic change in location (like Massachusetts to Virginia). However, there may be relief standing right out around the corner. 

At the Salem Farmers Market, there are vendors with local honey. It might be an old wive’s tale that local honey alleviates allergies, but I’m willing to try anything right now. If you see me there on Saturday morning, hand me a tissue and offer your condolences.