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End of Semester Pep Talk


by Mia Shelton

owards the end of the semester, it’s easy to let motivation slip.  Papers become mundane, quizzes feel silly, and worksheets are a struggle to complete.  It’s understandable and happens to everyone at this time of the year. One thing to remember, you are not alone in feeling unmotivated.  Let this be your pep talk to inspire that gorgeous brain to keep going. 

Find time to set aside for things you want to do. Work around your schedule and use down time as a reward for completing pesky assignments.   After studying for an hour, take a break to watch an episode of your favorite show.  Reward yourself to promote work time.  If you want to hang out with your friends, use that as a reward for completing assignments.  

Biggest tip, eliminate procrastination as much as possible.  It’s easy to put things off to the last minute, lived and learned.  Splitting up a large essay throughout a week period can help you work smarter, not harder.  Instead of writing the essay the day its due, spacing it out over a duration of time can help ensure sleeping at decent hours. Inviting friends to the library can help keep everyone accountable of completing assignments and make it more fun!  

Setting up study hall hours and student tutoring can help keep students on track with assignments, especially with mundane ones that no one wishes to complete.  This can help ensure your work is completed and provide support through tough assignments.  The writing center will help you through all the steps of writing a paper.  While these are constantly thrown out as options, they are truly helpful.  Having a work buddy helps make assignments less daunting and manageable.  

It’s easy to let assignments pile up and you shouldn’t be ashamed! Completing late assignments might be daunting and scary.  Remember that professors are here to help and are willing to work with you as long as you express that you care.  Professors don’t want to see you fail, so don’t feel ashamed to reach out for help.  Asking for help is never something to be ashamed of.  

Remember, many are in the same boat as you.  Stay motivated and encourage those around you.  Remember to keep compassion for others and promote kind behavior.  You never know what someone is going through.  Let’s get it done together!