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Harry’s House

by Karen Kohler 

     You bring me home, I’m going home, you are home — has Harry been leading up to and hinting at this new album since his solo debut? Last week Harry Styles announced that his third solo studio album, “Harry’s House” is coming out on May 20. It’s been a couple of years since his last album, “Fine Line,” was released in December 2019, so fans have been anxiously awaiting a new album release!

     Styles enjoys dropping hints for his fans and being cryptic about upcoming releases, so before actually giving an official album name and date, his team made Twitter and Instagram accounts under the name “You Are Home.” The Instagram account has posts of the same door partially open with different backgrounds in each post, from the Earth, to mushrooms, to grapes, to Harry himself on the day he made the official announcement. The posts have continued daily since the announcement, and, as of the start of this week, there were nine posts. 

     On Monday, Harry announced that he would be dropping the lead single, “As It Was,” on April 1 — today! It is also said that there will be thirteen tracks on this album, so if the posts continue daily and stop today, this would give us thirteen posts, one for each track. It’s likely that each artwork or image behind each door represents what each track will be about in some way. It’s also possible that they’re in order, from track one to thirteen, but that may be a stretch. On the Twitter account there have just been relatively vague tweets that can be pretty confidently said to be lyrics on the album.  

     Styles did something similar to this with “Fine Line,” and he made social media accounts under the name “Eroda,” which was advertised as an island you could visit. This island doesn’t actually exist, but it was the setting for the music video of one of his singles, “Adore You.” The island was named after the first part of the song spelled backwards.

     Though fans have been hoping for a new album for awhile now, it is still quite impressive that Styles is releasing it so soon after his tour and when he still has the European leg of his tour to go. He also referenced the idea of home on his tour, asking his fans to “bring him home” at the end of his show and sing along with him. Styles spares no creativity or forethought when it comes to the concepts of his songs and albums, and it’s very exciting to see what he’ll continue to give us with this one!