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On the DC Beat: Sing DC a Song, You’re the Piano Man

by Devon Mitchell

It was Friday night; I had just found out that my two-concert weekend was turning into a no concert weekend due to show cancellations because of COVID. I was stressed. My plans for my next column on DC music were foiled. But then a flame of hope appeared before my eyes when a friend suggested we go to the Georgetown Piano Bar. 

It was 11 o’clock on a Friday, not sure if it was the regular crowd shuffling in. So, it wasn’t really like Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” but it was more fun than I anticipated. Two piano men sat at the front of the bar, dueling piano style, taking tips and requests for songs we all knew and loved. My friends and I took to the floor dancing and singing crowd favorites such as “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz, “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, and to my excitement “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles. 

If you choose to go to a piano bar, here are some tips. Tip 1: Wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. It is a bar and some people have been making love to their tonic and gins for quite some time, so chances are the floors are dirty. Tip 2: Bring some dollar bills to tip the piano men, or use the Venmo code if they have one. Tip 3: Come in with an open mind, ready to sing, and dance to anything. Coming in with a mood for a melody is the best way to have some fun and maybe forget about life for a while.