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Cavern, I Miss You


by Marisa Seager

The title says it all. It’s been closed for renovations now since December 2021, but to me it feels much longer than that. 

Immediately after Cavern closed, the college decided to implement a new late night dining option at Commons. Here, students would be able to have an experience similar to that of Subway but with hours similar to those of Cavern. I ended up trying this once or twice and it just wasn’t the same. This option didn’t last very long.

The next option presented is what we call Crave Town, located at Freshens after regular business hours. This was introduced some time in the month of January 2022 as a new late-night option with crave-worthy menu items. At first, I was stoked, but between the hit or miss meals and the challenge of actually being able to eat from a mobile order only place, that quickly changed. My guess is that Crave Town will continue to stick around until our campus wide favorite Cavern returns. 

As I am writing this, it is nearing the end of March 2022. Cavern still isn’t back although we were told that the plan was to reopen this month. When will it ever come back?

I, along with many others that I’ve spoken to about this, are simply just waiting and becoming less hopeful that it will be before the end of the semester. My guess is that renovations will continue throughout the semester, summer, and be finished in time for next school year. 

Cavern, I miss you and I am ready for you to come back