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Maroons Talk: Midterms

by Sydney Young

We all know that midterms can be a stressful time of the year. Some people seem to have no extra work on their plate, while the rest of us are up to our necks in test prep, paper writing, and presentation practice. Regardless of how much we have to do, somebody around us always has more or somehow less. So, lets here from a few Folks of ‘Noke about what they are doing this midterm season, and take a look behind the scenes at how they are coping with the workload during the busiest time of the year.

Dani Hardter 2025

I have a take home German midterm that they’re making us take online and that is literally it! No, I have another, there is a mastery day in my math 111 but that’s not even a midterm. There are too many people that are walking in and out of the library for me to focus so I just do everything from my room. When my roommate and I are both working it’s fine but if one of us is working and the other one isn’t then it gets a little chaotic. Honestly learning how to organize and not study at the last minute was the biggest thing because I used to not study in high school, and it was fine but then I got to college, and you must study at least a few days in advance. At the very least!

John Wallace Schultz 2024

I think I have about three midterms and one project that are all set for next week. I’m usually really prepared I just like to study slowly and surely. I usually feel confident about tests which is ironic because I’m taking a science class and I have no idea what I’m doing yet I’m doing really well in it! I would say that I really like to study ahead and if I procrastinate I end up just freaking myself out. I like to study in one of two places. Either in Fintel, in the silent study rooms, or outside of Colket where you can overlook the field. It’s really nice. As long as you always start early with your prep you’ll be fine!

Georgia Slappey 2025

I honestly cannot tell you what I have coming up next week, none of my professors have really been talking about anything. I do have one test for Environmental Sciences though. I’m excited, it’s my major so I think I’m good. My favorite place to study on campus is definitely Olin Hall. There is like this little triangle area where there are two comfy chairs and that’s my study spot. The one piece advice I wish I had been given last semester is that it’s really not the end of the world. Just take a deep breath and just do it!