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On the DC Beat: Music to Pie For


by Devon Mitchell

The Pie Shop, located on the H Street Corridor of DC, is a swanky spot for anyone looking for good music and good pie. Fresh slices of pie served on the first floor are arguably topped by the second-floor music venue, complete with a tiny stage, a bar, and outdoor seating. The vibes and aesthetic lent themselves to my main-character energy for the night.  

It is crucial to review the most important reason for going to the Pie Shop, the pie. I got a slice of Very Berry and my boyfriend got German Chocolate. I would give both slices a 7/10 rating, docking a point for the lofty price. Fifteen dollars was the damage, but I guess that’s DC for you. 

We saw Ceramic Animal, a Philidelphia-born band of three brothers and their two childhood friends. I had never heard of them and was excited to hear a new band that described their sound as, “glam, post-punk, psych rock, ’70s pop, and so much more.” Research found they’re featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Folk” and “Modern Psychedelia” playlists which had my boyfriend concluding that they are “psychedelic folk”. While that would have been a very cool new genre to try, that was not quite the vibe. The use of the keyboard and gnarly guitar solos is like the Beatles Get Back era or T. Rex. Speaking of guitar solos, the lead guitarist Anthony Marchione stole the show with amazing riffs and solos that made me feel like I was transported back into the 70s at a George Harrison show.  

Every song they played had everyone in the venue dancing whether they knew the words or not, which is the ultimate success for any performing band. I can safely say I have become a Ceramic Animal fan and will be listening to them non-stop on Spotify for the next month. Check them out and perhaps you’ll find their music to pie for.