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Breaking the Game


by Mateo Biggs

     ​Despite how soon it feels, many students are already getting ready and excited for spring break– something sorely missed from the previous academic year. Beginning Mar. 4 after classes and lasting until Mar. 14, the break offers a whole 10 days for students to relax and chill their minds from the stress of classes and extracurriculars that weigh them down.

     ​Where many students might take this time to go out and party (responsibly, as we are still in the midst of a global pandemic!!!), others might take this time to sleep in for as long as their bodies will allow until the very last second. However, some students will take these 10 days to start a new video game and try to break through the story as fast as they can.

     ​Personally, I’m currently playing through Persona5 (2016 by Atlus) for the Playstation 3. The newest entry to the Japanese Roleplay Game series Persona features an in-depth storyline that’s a bit darker compared to the heartwarming games currently floating around the industry. It is a favorite of mine that I recommend to anyone who is a fan of JRPGs.

     ​Beyond that, there are plenty of games that are great to play during break to fill your time with something to do that doesn’t force you to drain your social batteries quite so much after so many weeks in class again.

     ​If you’re a fan of more online co-op games that allow you to branch out and make more friends, there is always the reliable Call of Duty series, although it is currently more recommended to play Warzone rather than Vanguard by members of the community. There’s also the classic Rainbow Six Siege that always has interesting events in store and a list of interesting operatives to choose from.

     ​To those who are fans of more story oriented, single player games (although you probably won’t be able to finish the game before break is over), there are games such as Skyrim that always tend to be so fun to play, with the many glitches and bugs almost making it more fun. Plus don’t forget Bethesda’s other well known game franchise Fallout. There is also the Persona series (yes, I will continue to try and introduce this game as much as I can), as well as Kingdom Hearts, whose entire basis is story.

     ​For those who would prefer a game that is a mixture of story and optional co-op, I would recommend Mihoyo’s game Genshin Impact, as you can choose whether to play with others or not. Also, the story is still expanding as the game is yet to finish. If that kind of game isn’t your cup of tea, there is also Stardew Valley if you love more idle games!