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The RCIFF Returns!


by Anna Tillman

     Roanoke College’s annual International Film Festival is here! This year’s festival theme is animals. Therefore, each movie is centered on different types of animals. 

     RC faculty carefully selects movies that highlight different languages that are taught at the college. After every movie, there is a panel-led discussion to talk about what aspects everyone enjoyed about the movie. It is a fun way to gain cultural perspectives while simultaneously getting to watch entertaining movies and get free food!

     This festival was started by Dr. Liz Groff, who used to teach French at RC. The event was then passed down to Dr. Teresa A. Hancock-Parmer.. However, in Dr. Hancock-Parmer’s words, “This festival is truly a college-wide effort!” Many people contribute in order to make this amazing event happen. 

     The festival committee this year consisted of Dr. Charlene Kalinoski, Dr. Marwood Larson-Harris, Mary Jo Fassié and Dr. Zachary Ingle. RC also receives many sponsors whose funding helps tremendously. There are a lot of people helping behind the scenes to create an entertaining way for students to learn more about films and culture.

     Students who are actively trying to learn a new language can have a unique experience watching the movie in the language they are learning. You can learn many unfamiliar words or phrases! Going to this festival is a wonderful way to learn more about culture and significant historical events. After watching the movies, viewers receive further insights into the significance of the movie through the discussion panel. 

     Overall, this event is an awesome opportunity that students should not miss. The next movie showing at RC will be “Godzilla,” playing Friday at 7 p.m. in the Antrim Chapel!