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“You”: Netflix’s Stalker Love Story


Written by Anna Tillman 

     Season 3 of “You” is officially coming to Netflix on Oct. 15! Now is the time for fans or newcomers to binge watch this nail-biting series. 

     “You” follows the struggles of hopeless romantic Joe, who is trying to find his soulmate. He desperately wants to discover his person and share his life with them. Oh, did we mention he’s also a psychopath? “You” is the perfect combination of “American Psycho” and “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” with a balance of cute romantic moments and unnerving stalking.

     The show’s popularity is perplexing, as the main character is a mega stalker who has killed many people on occasion. However, because the show is from Joe’s perspective, many viewers cannot help but want to root for him. There are many points in the series where Joe almost gets caught in the act. Yet, watchers always hope that he will find a way to get himself out of the problems. He is incredibly smart and witty. His commentary about other characters is nothing short of hilarious. His humor is another reason that viewers become infatuated with him; he seems so normal until he commits an unforgivable crime.

     After watching seasons 1 and 2 of “You,” it would not have seemed possible for the series to get any crazier. The first two seasons were all over the place with insane plot twists and disturbing endings. However, after viewing the season 3 trailer, it can be inferred that there are going to be many more exciting twists and turns in this season. There seem to be new characters and a new setting for Joe to meet his next victims.

     In the trailer, Joe and his new wife move into the suburbs to live a stereotypical picket fence life. They have a baby and are living their dreams of being happily married. As the trailer goes on, however, it seems their happiness is short-lived. Joe finds a new woman to stalk: his neighbor. How will this new character’s life be affected by the unwanted obsessions of Joe? All will be answered soon after binge watching the latest season of “You.”