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The Spookiest Indie Playlist Spotify DIDN’T Make


By Devon Mitchell

Halloween is this weekend which means only one thing, time to make the gnarliest Halloween playlist for all my indie goblins and ghouls. Yeah, you could be a basic witch and play songs like “Thriller”, “Time Warp”, or “Monster Mash”, but then you’re missing out on some serious Halloween vibes that put the ‘vampire’ in Vampire Weekend. So without further ado, I present Devon’s Top Five Halloween Songs.

  1. “Season of the Witch” by Donavon: How could I not include this in my Halloween playlist? The 1966 Donavon song combines witchy lyrics and a spooky key to give the perfect amount of rock n’ roll and Halloween to any playlist.
  2. “People are Strange” by the Doors: I’ve been saying this for a couple of years now, but the Doors give off major Halloween vibes. I think it’s really the 60s/70s era organ plus lead singer Jim Morrison’s deep baritone. They may be singing about peace, love, and LSD, but to me, those themes are irrelevant when it comes to their sound.
  3. “Ancient Names (Part I)” by Lord Huron: This song tells the story of a guy who has just been told of his horrific fate by a fortune teller. Fast-paced guitars and drums in A minor with chilling lyrics send shivers down the listener’s spine. Absolutely spooktacular. 
  4. “Blood Makes Noise” by Suzanne Vega: A deep bass drives an angry story of someone who cannot remember a violent act she committed. This is a short song but gives off the perfect girl boss psycho-killer vibes every Halloween playlist needs. 
  5. “Hudson” by Vampire Weekend: What’s more sinister than a weekend of vampires? “Hudson” by Vampire Weekend. It’s dark and mysterious, it has creepy operatic voices in the background. It also has heavy themes of death in a gothic kind of way.

I hope you found this little playlist skele-fun! Maybe you’ll even hear it at your favorite frat’s Halloween party.