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It’s Time to Prepare


Written by Rebecca Dance

         Spooky time is upon us again, folks. It might not feel like it recently, with these eighty degree days, but I promise October started last week. For ease of access, please refer to the step-by-step plan below to fully embrace the season. 

         Step One: Eat enough seasonal sweets to make your dentist cry. I personally adore cotton candy and apple cider donuts. I nearly cried when I saw apple cider with the pulp in it when I walked through the Salem Wal-Mart. I suggest ignoring any health advice you’ve ever gotten from a healthcare professional about nutrition and instead following your heart to the joy of a sugar high. 

         Step Two: Pick up some wardrobe essentials. I’m partial to a good cardigan, and I recently bought a few more at Target. I’m not suggesting heat stroke, but I am suggesting that the next time you’re debating what to wear because the weather is going to change, choose the aesthetic and embrace it despite the sweat. Just remember to stay hydrated if you choose to ignore the forecast and follow the fall of your dreams. 

         Step Three: Decorate. It doesn’t have to be a decoration sprint in the last few days of the month- decorations can be up and slowly added throughout the whole month to culminate with the grand finale on Halloween. I’ve seen window stickers and small skeletons across campus, and every bone brings me a little more joy. I’m on the hunt for a cauldron I can fill with candy to put outside my door, personally. 

         Step Four: Collect a costume. Halloween is a highly decorative holiday, and it can take a lot of time to build the perfect creation. I’m reading the stars this month and they say go crazy on your costume. Channel your inner Victor Frankenstein and create the perfect costume that will make onlookers unsure if they want to stare at your terrible beauty or run away in fear. The stars suggest that the casual costumer look out, because this year belongs to those who go all out. 

Step Five: Halloween! 

(You better get going, because it’s only a little more than three weeks away.)