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Lucy’s Declassified School Survival Guide


By Lucy Collins 

Helpful Tips for Returning to In-Person Classes

After the previous school year that we all had to endure, fully online, without any personal interaction, Roanoke College has given students and professors the chance to return to in-person classes. This is great news for students to hear, particularly juniors and seniors, who had the chance before COVID-19 to experience learning in person. Although, there may be adjustments needed for the freshmen and sophomore classes, who have never experienced an in-person college class. This article will provide the students at Roanoke College with helpful tips for returning to in-person classes! The first tip for students is to develop a healthy morning routine. This will help each student become mentally prepared for their school day, along with creating a schedule to follow during the school year. The second tip to use is to purchase a calendar, planner, or electronic calendar, to write down the assignments given from each professor. This will allow students to be organized and mentally prepared for when an assignment is due and how much time is needed to prepare for it. The third tip is to take advantage of the library. The atmosphere in the library is very motivating, since there are fellow peers who are also studying/working on assignments. Watching other individuals working on assignments can give student’s the push they may need in order to reach a desired outcome on whatever work that may be assigned. The fourth tip is to take advantage of professor’s office hours. The professors are there to help each student, in any way they possibly can. Creating good relationships with each professor is very vital to the college experience at Roanoke; they are there to teach what they are passionate about and to help students learn! The fifth tip is to get all the materials needed for each course. As a college student, it is very important to be prepared with the materials requested by the professor. This is essential to the learning process and will help you throughout each class. The last tip is to keep track of mental health. It is very important for each student to try to remain mentally healthy, and if a struggle comes along the way that presents a roadblock in life, go see help from the counseling services or a trusted mentor. All of these tips for returning to in-person classes are essential for students to keep note of in order to obtain a good grade and a good experience in each course. Hopefully these tips will be considered in order to complete a great first semester of 2021!