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Maroons Talk: Return to Campus


By Marisa Seager

Lillian Pingel, a junior from Waynesboro, VA:

“I’m really excited to be back in classrooms this year! It is much easier to retain information and focus during class time.” 


Carrie Lloyd, a senior from Lynchburg, VA:

“I have mixed feelings concerning the return to campus for in-person classes. On one hand, I think I learn best when I’m in a classroom interacting with the professors and my peers. This might be a selfish thought during COVID, but I am so tired of masks and distancing. It feels so draining mentally. However, I also understand the potential dangers and health risks associated with in-person classes during the pandemic. I hope that our campus community can work together to keep Roanoke College as safe as possible.” 


Alexzandra Wright, a sophomore from Gloucester, VA:

“I like being in-person for classes. I finally get to meet some of the teachers that I only saw through Zoom or talked to through email, and it’s nice to not have to stare at a computer screen all day.”