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Olin Hall’s New Unveiling


By Mateo Biggs

     ​Theater, music, art, and photography: these are the many things that Olin Hall is known for, and the many things that draw students in every semester, from the plays shown by Theatre Roanoke College to the musical serenades performed by Choir and Symphony.

     ​However, this article is dedicated to the art department, as Olin Hall Art Gallery unveils an unbelievably tasteful piece from the beautiful mind of Donald Nield. Specifically, his piece “Coming of the Great Fish,” which has been gifted to the college from the private collection of one generous Esther Kargi. Nield’s piece is a beautiful blend of oil on canvas, with glorious different hues and shades dancing against one another.

     ​A Shanghai born artist, Donald Nield has made it his intention to reject modern art and instead take his own path. Most of his art follows the oil on canvas tradition, but the symbols and fantastical nature of his pieces are what have given him a name within the art community.

     ​Starting this Friday, Sept. 10, his piece “Coming of the Great Fish” will have a home on RC’s campus until Oct. 10. The opening ceremony itself will be hosted at Smoyer Gallery in Olin Hall, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., where students will have a chance to enjoy the painting and the company of other visitors. However, the unveiling will not be the only time to enjoy the art piece; Smoyer Gallery is open every day from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., closed only on holidays and school breaks.

     ​This exciting exhibition is not something any art-loving Maroon will want to miss out on. Everyone is invited to the unveiling on Sept. 10, from art majors or minors to those who have little experience with art but just like the idea of spending time in a gallery on a nice evening here at RC. Even if you are unable to attend the opening ceremony, remember to check out Nield’s artwork before Oct. 10, as the exhibition is only temporary as of the moment.