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Audition for Theatre RC’s “Into the Woods”!


by Charissa Roberson


    Starting Sunday, come out to Olin Theatre and audition for Theatre Roanoke College’s fall musical: “Into the Woods”!

    Auditions are open to all, regardless of age, skill level or major. To audition, sign-up for a slot on either Sept. 12 or Sept. 13, between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Come prepared to perform 30 seconds of a musical number, as well as a one-minute monologue. The cast list will be announced by Sept. 18, the Friday following auditions.

    Musicals are a somewhat rare sight on the Olin stage, usually only occurring every few years. The last musical produced by TRC, Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen’s “[title of show],” took place back in 2019.

    “That was a small musical and my first show here at RC, so I wanted to do something bigger with this one,” said director Dr. Nelson Barre. “We’re excited to get back to it with this Sondheim classic.”

    “Into the Woods” is a well-known and well-loved musical that tells the stories of several fairytale characters, including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack (of beanstalk fame). Filled with fun and memorable songs like “Agony,” “On the Steps of the Palace” and of course the titular “Into the Woods,” the production is an inventive and entertaining romp through stories that are familiar to every child who grew up with a storybook. 

     However, in a somber twist, “Into the Woods” takes these classic characters beyond their fairytale endings and into darker, more thought-provoking depths.  

    “The characters don’t know what to do when they got what they thought they wanted,” said Barre. “Few people make it through life without disappointment, even if they got a happy ending. After all, life is messy.”

    Barre, who will be directing TRC’s take on “Into the Woods,” believes that this musical is incredibly appropriate for the current day and age.      

    “Sondheim was writing this musical trying to remind people that even in dark times, there is still a way through it,” he said. “Especially in the past year, these are messages that feel necessary to our community. This musical fits right now because of the pandemic, pushes for social justice, and the desire for people to keep going, despite all the difficulty we encounter.”

    If you are interested in being a part of TRC’s “Into the Woods” this semester, remember to sign up for an audition slot this Sunday and Monday. For further information, contact Barre at his RC email.

    “I made some of my best friends by auditioning for the fall production my freshman year,” said senior Sarah Jane Ruppert, the show’s assistant director. “TRC really changed my life, and I would love to see it do the same for you!”