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Zach “Big Fish 2k21” Dalton


Written by Chamberlain Zulauf

What is there to say about Zach Dalton that hasn’t already been written about in the Brackety-Ack? It was easy to spot him around campus either on the track or in the Outdoor Adventure lounge. Over his four years at Roanoke, The Dumpster King had the campus covered on nearly every level. Working with WRKE, Theater, and the BA I’ve looked up to Zach as a Jack of all trades. The list really does go on, I’ve always wondered who runs MaroonTube and it turns out it was Zach the whole time. 

One of Zach’s favorite memories came only recently at the long-awaited Basically Tarantino premiere. Seeing his friends’ films on the big screen meant a lot to him, especially to Kaillee’s Until It’s Not

After moving to NYC with Kaillee and their Cat Binx Mr. Dalton hopes to be the “East Coast Boucher and start in the mailroom at 30 Rock.”  I always saw Zach going into sock modeling myself. One way or another Zach Dalton is going to give Roanoke a name one day,  

“Clout where clout is due, so: shoutout to Jasey! Go check out his poem on his Insta link. I also want to give some more shoutouts to Kaillee for her endless support and all the good times we’ve had. Kaelyn for hiring me as a writer and eventually editor. Ben for talking trains with me. The track fellas for pretending to like me. Finally, to readers like you, thank you!”