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Written by Zach “That Title Sounds Depressing” Dalton

Well, here we are. Just a senior about to graduate and a lifestyle page that’s dealt with his Top 5 lists for a whole year. It has truly been a pleasure to offer a different look to you all, and I hope maybe I offered some helpful advice or ideas at some point. With that being said…here are five things I wish I had known as I worked through my college career. 

  1. Summer courses- I took one summer course while I went here and my biggest regret was not taking them sooner. Summer courses are a really nice way to get ahead on your curriculum and offer a great chance to have an easier senior year.
  2. Commons panini maker- In a pre-Covid world, Commons had a panini press and sandwich bar that I always looked at but never tried. Junior year I finally caved and realized you can make some pretty dope meals with that bar. 
  3. Communicate with professors- Believe it or not, professors actually hate giving bad grades. Talk to your professors if you’re feeling overwhelmed and work with them…they really do like you.
  4. Do May Term sooner- I never got to experience May Term because of the pandemic, but if you’re a freshman or sophomore get that done as soon as possible…you might regret missing it.
  5. Remember the Fountain Quote- You know the one. Take time to enjoy your life here and to enjoy the people around. You can always stay in contact, but if you took more time for fun sooner you would’ve had more Wednesday Nights. For those of you who don’t know: “we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.”

And with that I want to remind you to take the time and appreciate everything you have been able to accomplish here at Roanoke and everything you will accomplish. These four years you’re here are definitely one of a kind. To the Class of ’21 I want to say: Congratulations! You did it, Maroons.