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The Long-Awaited 93rd Academy Awards


Written by Devon Mitchell

It’s the most exciting time of the year again! Although it’s two and half months late, the 2021 Oscars are this Sunday, and by the looks of it, it appears this is going to be a VASTLY different ceremony from other years.

The obvious difference between this year and those previous is COVID-19. The novel virus has caused movies to put a hold on their releases. In a typical year, there are certain rules for Oscar-eligibility based on how the film is shot, how long it is and how long it has been shown in theaters. Because most theaters have been closed for over a year now and films have had to use streaming platforms for release, the Academy changed their rules for 2021 to make it so that films released on streaming services are still eligible for nomination.

In years past, the Academy has been criticized for a lack of diversity in nominees. This year, two women are nominated for best director (that’s an increase of 200% from last year’s nominees) and nine out of twenty persons of color are nominated for their acting. Films such as “Judas and the Black Messiah” and “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” deal with issues of race throughout America’s dark history of racism. That’s not even to mention nominated films that deal with other critical social issues such as feminism, disabilities, miscarriages and mental health.

To be certain, this will be an unforgettable Oscars due to the current events and state of the world it will take place in. That’s the beauty of film — it captures a moment in time for generations to remember. So don’t miss the 93rd Academy Awards on Sunday, April 15!