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Give Back to the Earth & Your Body!


Written by Sydney Brenner

Sometimes we all get caught up in our busy, hectic lives and forget to appreciate the nature around us. No matter where you look in Salem there is always some visible aspect of nature to appreciate, one of them being the enchanting cherry blossoms that are blooming all around campus. Speaking of the environment, Earth Day is May 22nd this year. I am writing to you, the reader, in hopes to provide you with some ways that you can give back to your body and Mother Earth in celebration of Earth Day.

#1- Cut Down Carbon Emissions by Carpooling or Walking!

The weather is warm in sunny Salem and it’s the perfect time to dine outdoors. If you are thinking about dining out with a few friends this weekend, you can carpool or walk to some of the many restaurants that offer outdoor dining in Salem. For an added bonus, you can even eat at some of the restaurants in Salem that offer organic options, such as the Blue Apron, Elderberry’s, or Abrakababra. Restaurants that use organic foods often source their ingredients from organic farms. Organic farms help the earth by saving the water supply, protecting the surrounding ecosystem, and by minimizing the chances of soil erosion. Carpooling or walking to a location, while also following any necessary COVID-19 guidelines, helps to reduce carbon emissions. So why not treat your body with a nutritious meal, while also giving back to the Earth this weekend by dining out.

#2- Litter Clean-up

. The Roanoke River runs through part of the Salem Greenway, and is located only about 1.5 miles from campus. Unfortunately, there is a lot of pollution and trash in the Roanoke River. You only need to go to the edge of the Salem Greenway to meet the water that makes up the Roanoke River. Removing even small volumes of trash from water supplies, such as the Roanoke River, allows the water supply to be safe for the animals that live in it and can reduce some of the lasting damaging effects that pollution can cause to the surrounding ecosystem. Picking up trash is not the most glamourous activity in the world, but it can help save the environment while also allowing you to get a great workout in. So grab some gloves and a trash bag, and head out to the Salem Greenway!

There are plenty of other ways to lend a helping hand to Mother Earth and the list above just offers a few options. This weekend is going to bring great weather, so why not enjoy the rays while also participating in environmentally friendly activities that commemorate Earth Day.