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Hammock Hotspots


Written by Chamberlain Zulauf

It’s warming up, and just like a bear in the springtime, Roanoke College is showing signs of life after a cold, treacherous winter. Hammocks budding in trees are one of the first signs of warm weather in Sunny Salem.

There are several popular spots to strap up and kick your feet back. Two spots that seem to have permanent hammock installations during warm weather are in front of Sections and Wortmann. Both locations are great for watching the world go by or even a game of Spikeball.

Not all hammock spots are created equal though. It’s my belief that hammocking is all about peace and quiet. So, for me, such public slack sites are a bit too… mainstream.

That’s why I like to do what no one else has ever thought of: hammocking under a bridge and over water. Eureka!

My favorite place on campus to set up the ol’ Eno is under the footbridge BEHIND Wortmann. This spot has everything I need including a water feature to cool off my toes and a good amount of shade protection from the sun. 

While I’m here, I’ve got some freebee tips for you. If you rip your Eno, take it to L.L. Bean, and they’ll just give you a new one no receipt required. It works, trust me. I’ve done it twice now.  Here’s another one! You should read this paper in a hammock next time you get a break! If you don’t have a hammock, that’s okay! Mine’s a double nest.