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Fortnite Legend Johnny Kliewer


Written by Zach Dalton

During Quarantine social media saw a very large bump in viewership and users. Most people, bored and with nothing to do, saw themselves enjoying the free entertainment provided by apps like Tiktok, Instagram and even Twitter. Others, like our own senior Johnny Kliewer, found a new creative outlet. On “June 29th, 2020 bored in quarantine,” Johnny said he created his own Insta page. The page has grown since into a rapid success, giving Kliewer some exciting opportunities. Now most people bored in quarantine scrolled and binged shows, or played games like Johnny. “I was playing games one day,” Johnny explained,” with some friends and came up with the idea of playing horribly on purpose.” This something standard for many gamers, specifically myself. His brand, so to speak, came into play a bit later as explained he would promote himself, “as the best player in North America.” 

As of publishing his Insta (@big.j.gang) has a little over 3,500 followers and growing. His page is a combination of memes and Fortnite gameplay. A majority of his clips are simple edits with some overlays, but that is where the humor comes in. In a most recent post you see his DMs to multiple companies attempting to get a sponsorship. Kliewer told how recently “Jimmy John’s sent me a $10 gift card recently, so I’m officially the only Jimmy John’s esports athlete.” Johnny also joked, “I also had an opportunity with Four Loko before. They told me to “do something cool with a loko,” so I brought three,” he continued, “[I] drank them all and forgot to do something cool. I wonder if the offer still stands.” The jury is still out on the last one, but only time will tell. 

When asked about his plans for the future of the page he said, “[i]t’s really just something I do for fun. I just plan on continuing enjoying myself and hopefully making some people laugh.” If you want to help him out he suggested following “@big.j.gang on Instagram and code igBigJGang in the fortnite item shop ;)” 

At the conclusion of the interview Big J said “shout-out Camper Guff and my mom.”