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Folk of ‘Noke: A Long Time Coming


Written by Zach Dalton

This issue’s Folk at ‘Noke is a very special one. This senior has been waiting to be the Folk since her freshman year at Roanoke College. Everybody take a moment and say “congratulations” to Colket’s own: Tara Hrdlick. Tara hails from Baltimore, Maryland and came to Roanoke College in 2018 to make a whole lot of memories with the faculty and students. She is currently wrapping up her studies in Health and Exercise Science of which she plans to “[apply] to some Doctorate of Physical Therapy programs,” she told Brackety-Ack. Of course, that will be after “[t]aking a year (or two…) off from school,” she added, “working at the beach and … head[ing] out west.” 

Before leaving Roanoke however Brackety-Ack had her look back at her time at Roanoke and talk about what she has done. “I’m the manager for Building Operations in Colket,” while also noting she is heavily involved with student activities. That’s right, anytime things were set up in Colket for events Tara helped coordinate on the Operations side. She worked diligently and both of her supervisors sang praise for all of her hard work. When she is not working for Colket she works for the student body as a member on SGA. If there is one thing she loves more than Chipotle it is her fellow students. In fact, one of her “favorite RC Memories would have to be cheering on the sports teams on Kerr Stadium,” she added, “[that] or playing tennis with my friends.” The other major activity she is involved with is the RC Cheese Club, something that is news to this reporter. 

The self-described Chipotle and PBR-enthusiast has said nothing but positive things about her experience here at Roanoke. When asked if there is anything else she wants to accomplish before graduating she said, with determination, “[I want] to win Bingo!!”

Tara closed the interview saying,  “shout-out to the Editor in Chief, Kelsey and Lexi!”