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Let’s Get Ce-REAL


Written by Chamberlain Zulauf

My roommate and I do a lot together: we watch TV shows (last semester it was Breaking Bad and this semester it’s Better Call Saul), we practice together on the track team and spend most of our time playing Pokémon Go. A long-standing tradition in 215 is to buy insane cereals. Anything is game, from combinations like Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms to Minecraft-themed cereal (Creeper Crunch).

It’s a lot of trial and error. The Minecraft cereal was a letdown – it’s just bland cinnamon-flavored toasted oats and baby marshmallows. The Pokémon cereal was a little better, but the berry puffs with marshmallows are too sweet to have more than three bites.

Evidently, I have staunch opinions and a healthy commitment towards cereal. I do consider myself an amateur connoisseur of breakfast foods. Here is what’s good and what’s bleh.

Cinnamon Bun Frosted Mini-Wheats: underwhelming- a missed opportunity.

Sour Patch Kid’s Cereal: the worst one we’ve tried by far. I don’t know why we bought those.

Lil’ Yachty’s Reese’s Puffs: the same as regular Reese’s Puffs, but the box is cool.

Pop-Tart cereal is also not as amazing as you’d think it’d be. It’s not all bad though. Oreo O’s are one of the best cereals I’ve ever tasted. Period. Fruity Lucky Charms are also really good. They’re almost too sweet for their own good, but the pink runes look like food art.

Our endeavors in cereal exploration are far from over. There are so many more wacky cereals that I’d never even think of. The bucket list includes Drumstick, Nutter Butter and Jolly Rancher-themed cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch has churros cereal, but I think that’s a little too daunting for my palate.

It would be awesome if Commons had Eggo cereal. Really, I’m just hoping they bring back the Cap’n Crunch and Special K. Also, if Commons had Rice Krispies, I’d probably eat five pounds every week.

When I was younger none of these new cereals existed, and I feel like I missed out. It would have blown my mind to see Frosted Flakes with Lucky Charm marshmallows when I was 10. After all these years I still love cereal with all my heart and there is no better time than the present to live out my childhood dreams.