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Folk of ‘Noke: Natasha Saunders


Written by Zach Dalton

This issue’s Folk at Noke is someone who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes throughout this month to ensure that each event for Black History Month went off seamlessly. So, everyone give a hearty hello to Ms. Natasha Saunders, the Director for the Office of Multicultural Affairs. She has served as Director for x amount of years. This year she undertook the challenge of hosting a multitude of Black History Month events in the current Covid-19 focused climate. Some of those headlining events included a keynote talk with Yussef Salaam (held on February 23) and Voices of Resistance and Freedom: Afro-Colombian Female Poets (held on February 25). As of this publication she turned her focus in ensuring the Community, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Symposium runs with ease on Saturday, February 27. The Symposium includes online panels featuring current and past students alike. For more information check out: roanoke.edu/BlackHistoryMonth.

Ms. Saunders’s work does not stop in February. When asked about future plans of the Office of Multicultural Affairs she told Brackety-Ack, “​be on the lookout for some amazing events for Women’s History Month in collaboration with the International Education Office.” There would be more information on their plans as we approach the month. “Additionally,” Ms. Saunders continued, “we will be planning Sash Ceremony, a graduation ceremony for those affiliated with OMA.” Which should be quite the event and well earned for those involved. Every year OMA offers an awards ceremony during Alumni Week and Ms. Saunders was proud to confirm, “we are getting ready for Garren Diversity Awards and Heritage Ball which will take place during Alumni Weekend.”

The Office of Multicultural Affairs warmly opens all its events to any interested students. “Some events have a registration some you can just pop in,” Ms. Saunders explained, “If you ever have questions on how to participate, feel free to contact me.” Her information can be found online or using Outlook by nsaunders@roanoke.edu.

At the end of the interview Ms. Saunders wanted to add, “​OMA is open to all students. It is a safe haven where you can come and be yourself.” She further said, “I would love for you to stop in so that I can get to know you and what your needs are, here, at Roanoke College so that you are set up for success.”