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What Last Minute V-Day Gift Should You Get Your Partner?


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

How long have you been together? 

This is the first date

We’ve gone out for a few months

8 months-a year

2+ years


What is a typical date for the two of you? 

Ice cream or coffee

Netflix and chilling

Dinner and/or a movie

We live together, so date night doesn’t happen


What is your partner’s favorite thing about Valentine’s Day?

I’m not sure

All of the hearts and decorations

Getting to spoil their partner

It’s just another day to them


How would you best describe your partner?



Beautiful (or handsome) inside and out



Does your Valentine know you are getting a gift?

Uhh… we didn’t talk about it

I think so


We said no gifts this year


Pick your favorite Valentine’s candy

My normal fave candy

Box of chocolates

Candy hearts



What are your Valentine’s Plans

A movie night

A hike and a picnic


We aren’t doing anything


Sweet-tooth: Chocolate, candy hearts, or another kind of candy

Casual: a box of a few of their favorite things

Romantic: Roses, a teddy bear, and a candlelit or homemade dinner or a six pack with six things you love about them

Sentimental: Homemade gift, love letter