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How to Secure Your “Holidate” Via Online Dating Apps


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Netflix recently released Holidate where a woman, bitter about being single for the holidays, runs into a man who is tired of “crazy women” forcing him to tag along too soon to family events during the holidays. The two make a pact to be each other’s “holidate”- AKA someone to accompany them on holidays without any string attached. If you are looking to secure your own holidate, or just someone to message you while home for the holidays, online dating will be your safest option due to COVID-19. That means the first step is to download those dating apps- Tinder, Bumble, etc. 


If you are taking the Tinder route, click here, to make sure you are not hindering your Tinder. 


If you are taking the Bumble route, keep reading!

Here are the Bumble basics: the women must message the men first (nerve-wracking for the women, but easy for the men), and it must be done within 24 hours of matching (even more nerve-wracking). Then, the men have 24 hours to respond or else the match will disappear as if it never happened. 

Conversation starter tips for the women:

  1. Pay attention to their photos or additional information included in the bio to see if you have any common interests. One thing about Bumble is that there are a lot of options to see if you have any similarities with these potential matches before the conversation even begins. If you notice some similarities, start the conversation there. Go to topics that would be about sports or music. 
  2. Test out your cheesiest (or best) pick up line. Maybe you’ve had some good lines directed at you from your Tinder matches or DMs that made you laugh, roll your eyes, and/or cringe. Now’s your turn to see how they work when directed the other way. 
  3. If you can’t pick up on any similarities, Bumble has an option for you to play a “question game” where you send a question and once you both have answered, the responses are revealed. What a great way for you to see if you have any similarities!
  4. If you truly are at a loss for words and the question game isn’t up your alley, you can never go wrong with just saying hey and adding an emoji or gif of your choosing. 

Tips for the men to increase your odds of getting a message:

  1. When choosing pictures to put on your profile, select clear photos. Make sure your first picture is just of you so that way the other party knows who you are- how awkward would it be if they were hoping you were the other person in the photo?? 
  2. Answer as many of the bio questions as you feel comfortable with because this helps the one messaging come up with something interesting to say first.


Good luck finding your holidate, and remember to be careful and safe!