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Don’t Hinder Your Tinder


Written by Mia Shelton

Your Tinder profile can say a lot about you, and that’s its purpose. There is a lot of stress concerning dating profiles. What pictures should I use? What should I put in my bio? How do I draw in people to my profile? Well don’t you worry your pretty little mind, because I took on the daunting task to help ease some nerves.

First up is selecting which stunning pictures to submit to your profile, you beauty you. Choose pictures that show your face. I’m talking to you men, mainly. People want to see your gorgeous face, not what type of car you drive, what you look like in the absence of your shirt, and especially not you with dead animals. When setting up my profile, I made sure to choose pictures that show my face clearly- sharing photos close up of my face, some of me with animals, alive, and ones that showed my full body. A vast variety that pleased everyone. The biggest tip I can give: no thirst traps. I found myself immediately swiping left on anyone posed in the mirror with their shirt being propped up with their mouth, exposing their stomachs.

While a picture says a thousand words, your words are just as, if not more, important. I’m talking about your bio people. Bios are the first party invitation to the window of your life. Why wouldn’t you have one? There were a handful of people that chose not to put anything in the “about me” space. That showed me you were, frankly, boring. Add a little zest to your bio! When choosing the select few words that are determined in describing me, I decided to keep it light and inviting. My bio consisted of:

Let’s end the night star gazing and listening to music

Send me your cheesiest pick-up lines, best one wins 😉

After asking the people I matched with their thoughts, I was told my bio was flirty and inviting. One Tinder match said he also enjoyed looking at the stars and figured I liked to be outside, suggesting a mutual interest and date idea. Another match said that my request for a pick-up line gave him something to talk about. Be confident and, most importantly, be you! Don’t tell me how bad the pictures you picked are because this shows you know they’re bad and don’t want to do anything about it. I was, personally, attracted to the people that had a good bio, whether that was something witty, or an intriguing description of who they are.

All in all, please be safe! Check out the app Noonlight if you go on an online date and feel unsafe. This app will help protect you and alert the authorities if the vibe is off. Nonetheless, go get em’ tiger! Let the online dating world see your beautiful light, and don’t forget to be yourself!