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In Need of a Sweet Treat? Check Out Dilly Dally


Written by Sydney Brenner

Dilly Dally is a new restaurant and convenience store that is located only a mile away from Roanoke College. They have a very southern aesthetic with plenty of outdoor seating. Dilly Dally serves all sorts of comfort food, including chicken salad and hot dogs. You should try their fresh garden salad that comes with a side of chicken salad. The creamy chicken salad is made with quality poultry and has just a little bit of crunch from the celery. The delicious chicken salad is even sold by the pound! Dilly Dally’s soup warms you up, and their selections of daily soups keep up with the diversity of your palate.  There are many dessert options, including specialty ice cream and red velvet cupcakes. The apple crisp ice cream tastes just like apple pie, and one scoop contains enough flavor to tingle all your taste buds. There are many other different flavors to choose from, and a cup of Dilly Dally ice cream makes the best finals treat. Fintel Library rents bikes out to students, which provides a way to enjoy the scenery of Salem and ride to the restaurant. If you choose to transport via car, there are plenty of parking spaces available. They even offer curbside pickup, online ordering and call-in orders. Additionally, Dilly Dally sells many staple grocery products, including milk, eggs and bread. The store can be a quick and easy stop for groceries, which is key for a college student with a busy schedule. Mask up, bring along a friend or two and enjoy the uniqueness of Dilly Dally. 

Dilly Dally: 1511 Eddy Avenue, Salem, VA 24153. 

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday 9am-7pm, and Sunday 12:30pm-7pm.