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Calling All Fashionistas!


Written by Mia Shelton

Online shopping. What a guilty pleasure, one that will not be apologized for. While this is now considered to be a profession that’s been mastered, let’s share the best places for you to update your fall wardrobe.

First, let’s get the mainstreams out of the way. Places like Urban Outfitters, Free People, PacSun, etc. are oldies but goodies. These places are always the go-to for something quick and cute. Looking for daring prints that most people find intimidating? They are where the best pieces lay, so look further than the basic tops everyone models and grab the fancy pants with crazy colors!

Thrift stores are great places to find one-of-a-kind items for great prices. Goodwill and locally owned places are great for some spunky finds. Please be careful when purchasing your newest runway look and only buy what you will actually wear; there are people that rely on these places to clothe their children. Don’t forget to donate back to these places while you are there as well!

Some fun vintage and vintage-inspired online stores that make the list include: The Vintage Twin, Alohas, ModCloth, and Depop. These stores really add to the collection, making a lot of clothes unique. Depop serves as an online thrift store, and you can make relations with the people that sell to you. This is a great place to find one of-a-kind showstoppers that will serve you with compliments.

Clothes can express who you are as a person, and they help with first impressions. Your prized fabrics should tell who you are and greet people before you get the chance to introduce yourself. 

The world is your runway! Treat every day as your last- wouldn’t you want to die looking incredibly stylish? You never know who you will meet in a day. Serve looks on a silver platter that kill! 😉