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RC Breaks Silence on Title IX Investigation


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

In recent weeks, students grew impatient on receiving an update from Roanoke College regarding the investigation of the Title IX case and regarding issues which prompted RC to send a quick update earlier this week. 

The Instagram account that started it all, anonymous4500054, posted 16 “I am waiting” posts since October 9, and once October came to a close, students’ frustration grew in anticipation of what the outcome would be. Students drew attention to the account by tagging Roanoke College on the post and sharing it on their personal accounts, and on Wednesday, November 4, the RC community received an update. 

“The investigation by the independent third-party investigator, Karen Michael, Esq., has concluded and the final investigative report was submitted last week,” President Maxey said in an email. “The investigator interviewed approximately 80 witnesses and the resulting report is substantial in length.”

Because of the magnitude of the investigation, the next step is review. There is a substantial amount of witnesses and information that need to be carefully examined before RC can share more. Until then, the information is protected for legal and privacy reasons for all parties involved. 

“The report has been shared with the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, including the Chairman of the Board,” continued President Maxey. “We are now carefully reviewing the detailed findings. The Board of Trustees and I will determine what future actions will be taken and share the central findings of the investigation with the larger College community this month, before the close of the semester.” 

If you are dealing with psychological or emotional trauma related to these events, or need further support, contact Student Health and Counseling Center (540-375-2286).