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Which Taylor Swift Era Are You?


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

As of November 1, the icon herself- Taylor Swift- could begin re-recording her first five albums in order to take ownership of the award winning songs she’s created over the years. Swift is known for having various different personas and vibes for each of her albums, so for the Swifties out there, which era of Taylor Swift are you??

What is your favorite color?







How would you describe yourself?

Someone who learns from the past

A romantic

A little bit edgy


A deep thinker


What’s your ideal first date?

A picnic in the park

A candlelit dinner

A concert

Going to get ice cream

Going for coffee


What best explains your role in the friend group?

The mom of the friend group

The optimist

The one who is down for anything

The one who is always happy

The one who feels things deeply


What’s your favorite month?







Pick a female celebrity

Carrie Underwood

Blake Lively


Demi Lovato



Pick a male celebrity

Taylor Lautner

Joe Jonas

Kanye West

Calvin Harris

John Mayer


What mood are you going for when you listen to Taylor Swift?

Reminisce your wholesome pre-teen years

Daydream about your significant other

Jam out with the windows down in your car

Have a care-free dance session

Get in your feelings


What genre of music do you typically gear towards?







Which Taylor Swift song is your favorite?

Our Song

Love Story

I Did Something Bad

You Need To Calm Down



Taylor Swift- Your wholesome outlook on life is something your friends appreciate about you. This doesn’t mean you haven’t been hurt in the past, but you take that hurt and grow from it and hope you won’t have to experience it again. 

Fearless- You love a good love story whether it’s hearing about your friends’ relationships, daydreaming about your own, or watching the perfect rom-com. You are hopeful to have the perfect love story of your own and can’t wait to start planning your wedding! 

Reputation- Sometimes you gotta let loose. You love putting on an outfit that makes your feel powerful (an LBD with sparkles perhaps?) and aren’t afraid to put people in their place when needed. 

Lover- You have a whimsical vibe and likely have shades of pink, purple, and light blue decorating your room. You bring a sense of fun everywhere you go! 

Folklore- You are a deep thinker who enjoys time alone to reflect. You are perfectly content to spend an evening wrapped in a blanket by a fire with only music playing in the background.