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Folk of ‘Noke: Senn Boswell


Written by Brice Hall

The Folk at Noke that we chose to highlight for this issue is the one and only Senn Boswell. Boswell, a member of the Class of 2021, has worked tirelessly this semester to help give all Maroons a sense of normalcy and stability in these turbulent times. 

Senn Boswell is mostly know on campus as the current President of SGA. Senn was a North Side Senator before he was on the Executive Board of the Student Government Association as Treasurer under the Emilee O’Dell Administration. He’s also known around campus as a man of character. He was also a skilled Treasurer in Alpha Phi Omega, one of the service fraternities here at Roanoke. He held the position for two years. 

Besides being involved with Alpha Phi Omega and SGA this native of Kansas City, Missouri is a Head RA and also a talented tenor in the Choir! When asked what he likes to do at Noke he let us know he’s an avid fan of Theologies on Tap and he loves to kick back with his homies and watch Disney Movies (the Aristocats is a personal favorite of his!)

If you have logged onto the RC Minecraft server to while away the hours you can thank Boswell. He is the grand architect behind this fun and innovative way for students to get together and hang out in a safe manner. Be on the lookout for the RC Minecraft servers newest event! RC Minecraft Hunger Games! When asked to discuss his prophecy this is what he had to say,”I wanted to find unique ways to keep the RC Community together while we were apart, so I teamed up with Noah Crist to make the Minecraft server. Through this, we’ve been remaking campus, and we’ve got other programs in the works, including Hunger Games!”

When asked if he had any advice to give to Freshmen here is what your SGA President had to say, “Take advantage of what campus has to offer, there’s so much to do, whether that be going to events and games, enjoying our beautiful spaces on campus, or joining clubs and organizations. Especially while we deal with this pandemic, find ways to make the most of the experience.”

Senn Boswell has been a great citizen of this community and we have no doubt that he will continue to bloom after he graduates. One thing that we all know for sure is that whoever is the next President of SGA will have some big shoes to fill.