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Lessons from The Bachelor- From a Major Fangirl: Episode 3


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

As we know, I’m a big Bachelor franchise fan. I feel like that has been said on repeat here in the Brackety-Ack from articles written by me, but it is what it is. That being said, not having a new season of The Bachelorette to look forward to this summer definitely put a damper on my Monday nights, but ABC revived them by airing The Bachelor’s Greatest of All Time. Every Monday, they aired a different season voted to be one of Bachelor Nation’s favorites, and by rewatching these in a condensed fashion, I realized some things I didn’t the first go ‘round, and lucky for you, I will be sharing these discoveries right here! 

Sean and Catherine Lowe are one of Bachelor Nation’s favorite couples, if not THE favorite couple, which made watching the re-airing of this season interesting, and all future bachelors and bachelorettes should take notes. 

The first thing I noticed was that on night one, Sean wasn’t locking lips with half of the women there. He took the time to genuinely talk to each of the women, get to know them, and see how their conversation went. In more recent seasons, there is a lot more making out than talking, which isn’t a bad thing unless the lead can’t distinguish between having strong physical chemistry and having a real connection with someone. Sean made sure the real connection was there before he went in for the kiss, and after seeing how giddy it made Catherine, it was clearly worth the wait. 

As the season progressed, it was more and more evident that Sean was truly ready for a wife. Every bachelor or bachelorette claims to be ready, but Sean proved that’s what he was there for through his actions. He was true to himself, honest with the women, and careful to follow his heart. Catherine reciprocated this same readiness, and put herself out there for Sean, which is a big reason why he continued to be drawn to her. 

They wanted the same things, their goals lined up, and their maturity levels matched one another, and because of that their relationship was easy. It was clear that the two of them became best friends who trusted one another and had fun together, and the romance followed. If the way Catherine’s eyes lit up and how big her smile grew whenever she was around him didn’t give their successful love story away, I don’t know what else could. 

Going on eight years later, the couple is still happily married with three kids, making them the picture perfect Bachelor Nation couple whose love story is re-lived any chance there is.