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Fall Fashionista: Women’s Edition


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Fall is here ladies, which means it’s time to bring back out the flannels, chunky sweaters, and boots! And, for the more casual days, leggings and your favorite hoodie. These are the go-to fall outfits that work for every occasion by dressing them up or down, but if you’re looking for a little extra spice during your outing to the pumpkin patch, add one of these items to your look!

Leopard print sweaters: Ladies, it is no secret leopard print is IN right now. The summer months were filled with leopard print sandals, tank tops, crop tops, and skirts, so why would fall be any different? To keep you warm during the chillier months, opt for a sweater or dress in the highly fashionable print. 

Ripped sweaters: First came ripped jeans, and now we have ripped sweaters. If the comments you got on thanksgiving from your grandparents or parents about your ripped jeans were bad, the comments will only be amplified here, but there are ways for this trend to be worn tastefully for even Thanksgiving dinner.

Crop top sweatshirts: If you’re with the trends, you may already have snagged one of these last season, but these babies are still in because comfort is key! Over the summer months TikTok was swarming with how to bleach dye cheap sweatshirts, so expect this trend to carry over into the fall, but to adjust to the fall season, pair the cropped sweatshirt with high waisted leggings or jeans.  

Flare jeans: Scrolling through pictures of women in the 60’s and 70’s, flare jeans were the pants to be wearing, and now over 50 years later, the trend is back. You can add a little DIY fringe to the cuffs (or buy them with fringe) or keep the flare as is. Either way, you will be rocking the look.

Leather anything: If you’re for the edgier trend, rock it! Leather pants, skirts, jackets, boots, and even jumpsuits are very much so still in (if they ever went out of style). If you’re a little bit more timid to try this trend, start with the basic leather jacket or boot, and if you’re feeling more into it, go all in for the leather jumpsuit. These looks are sure to bring some extra confidence with it.

Thigh high boots: Ankle booties will always be a beloved component to fall footwear, but this season we are taking things up a notch, literally, to thigh high boots. You can’t go wrong with a suede or black pair which will take your outfit from cute to wow, and it is sure to make you feel fabulous. 

Some of these options are more bold than others, but you can adapt these trends to fit your own personal style, and with the right accessories, you will feel confident and ready to take on the fall months with style.