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Wigs Have Been SNATCHED!


Written by Joseph Carrick

The sensational drag race, now reaching its twelfth season, already has drama exploding in the production of the show that will affect the filming and contestant lineup. For those uninitiated, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is the award-winning program now produced by VH1 but always hosted by RuPaul herself in drag along with Michelle Visage and Santino Rice. The weekly show gathers a handful of competing drag queens from all walks of life to compete in challenges ranging from trivial to celebrity impersonation and finishing the episode with costume challenges. There are several spinoffs that focus just on the drama backstage as the seasons progress, but this time the drama was too much to keep quiet before these spinoffs could be released. 

Just as RuPaul’s Netflix lovechild “AJ and the Queen” got cancelled before filming for season two even began, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” was forced to disqualify a contestant for sexual misconduct. Sherry Pie (non-performing name Joey Gugliemelli), made a public apology after five men accused him of posing as a talent agent. He would request sexual fetish videos in the promise of acting opportunities all under the guise of a fake name. This, naturally, all occurred after the first half of the season was filmed. It was only because Sherry Pie might have been propelled into a spotlight that the victims decided to speak out against her. 

It is not certain if she was disqualified during this first half or if she will be removed before the next half begins, but what is known, thanks to a VH1 announcement, is that she is disqualified from continuing to run in the race and she will not be allowed to attend the grand finale. The tradition of gathering of all the queens who raced during the season was their last chance to really impress the crowds and win the congeniality award. Thankfully producers have decided to completely cast Sherry Pie out of the show due to these gross incidents of sexual misconduct, which may also result in a more thorough investigation into the drag queens running for Drag Superstar.