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Spring Fling Season is Here!


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Have you been tied down since October and are starting to get tired of Netflix and chilling with your non-committal S.O.? Well, good news: cuffing season is coming to an end and spring fling season is on the horizon! With Spring Break on the radar and (just about) everyone ready for warmer weather, people are gearing up for their fun spring fling. Can’t keep up with what your winter cuff is and what your spring fling is? Read on to find out!

Winter cuffs and spring flings are similar in the fact that neither have strong levels of commitment. Of course it varies from person to person, but typically both of these “relationships” (or lack there of) are casual. You won’t hear people in these relationships referring to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean that what started out as a winter cuff or spring fling can’t turn into a relationship. 

The differences between the two stem from the changes in weather and therefore changes in activities you can do. Winter cuff relationships are almost just two people in hibernation, but together. It’s someone you can curl up with and watch endless amounts of movies and TV shows and drink cup after cup of hot chocolate with.

On the other hand, your spring fling is fun (not that your winter cuff can’t be fun)! The weather is warming up, the sun is out, and everything is exciting. The concept of spring fling relates to the quick, one-week relationships formed while on a spring break trip, but the concept has carried over to encompass quick relationships formed as the weather starts warming up. 

You might not realize you are in a spring fling until June hits, and just because you find a person in the next couple of months doesn’t mean they are just your spring fling. It all depends on the commitment and interest levels. 

Get ready for this chance to start a spring fling, if that’s your style! There’s sure to be excitement and spontaneity, but nothing is wrong with carrying your winter cuff over to spring fling season either, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with skipping this concept altogether.