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Wardrobe Changes to Keep You Warm and Fashionable


Written by Laurel Moore

Goodbye pumpkins and hello snow! It seems as if we went straight from summer to winter, don’t you think? September was quite warm, October was warm as well, and October 31st was one of the warmest Halloweens I can remember. However, as soon as November hit, it brought the freezing temperatures with it. To most of us, this came as a shock… we even got to see snow flurries on campus! 

We were used to getting by with minimal layers and now we need to break out our winter coats just to make it to class. In regards to being fashion forward in this frigid weather, I think some of the cutest outfits are the oversized sweaters. 

My personal go-to color of the season is black. It is the perfect color for the cold, and it pairs well with literally everything. Other colors I see being very popular as the season continues is burnt orange and army green. The orange color has picked up a lot of popularity during our short fall season, and I see it staying popular throughout the rest of the cold season. 

The final trend I for-see being very popular this year is the red/black plaid pattern. This pattern is definitely making a comeback and I am excited for all the different ways to wear it. Pair these colors with a cute pair of boots and a beanie, and you’re fashion forward. 

My one piece of advice is always wear your jacket, even if it is cold and even if it clashes the outfit. You can always take it off if it’s warm enough, but it can be miserable if you ditch it completely and begin to freeze. 

Regardless of the trends, winter is personally my favorite time to dress and I look forward to all that this season has in store.